Pulp - Pink Glove Chords

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You'd better watch what you're wearing

if you wany him to come round and see you tonight


He doesn't care what it looks like

just as long as it's pink and it's tight

It's what he likes



so what should you do?

Should you stop being you?

Just to be how he wants you?


Say you'll visit your Mum

then tell me that you'll come

and meet me in the afternoon


He's got your heart

You've got his soul

Oh God you might as well know


I know you're never going to be with me

but if you try sometimes then maybe

you got it right first time

I realise that you'll never leave him

but every now and then in the evening

you could get it right first time

I know you think I've got to be joking

but if you touch him again then I'm going

You got it right first time

Get it right first time

Repeat Verse Section ( C - A - G )

Oh you'll always be together

`cos he gets you up in leather

So you know what to wear

at the end of the day


and I'd laugh if I saw

but I'm out of the way

Yeah it's too long ago

shouldn't care anymore

but I wanted to know

is it as good as before?

Yeah it's hard to believe

that you go for that stuff

all those baby-doll nighties with synthetic stuff

Yeah it looks pretty good

and fits you O.K.

Wear your pink glove, babe

you put it on the wrong way