Standard (EADGBE)

/ xx0432

(add9) 022002

/ x40002

/ xx0002

/ xx1002

/ xx4002

no chord




You are hardcore you make me hard

You name the drama and I'll play the part

It seems I saw you in some teenage wet dream_

I like your get-up if you know what I mean_

I want it_ bad_

I want it_ now___

Oh can't you_ see___

I'm ready_ now___

I've seen all the pictures, I've stu_died them for ever

I wanna make a movie so let's star in it together, oh_

Don't make a move 'til I say 'Action'


Oh here comes the Hardcore life

Put-your-money where-your-mouth is tonight_

Leave-your-make-up on and I'll leave on the light_

Come over here babe_ and talk in the mic_

Oh yeah I hear you now it's gonna be one hell of a night_

You can't be a spec-tator___ oh no_

You-gotta take these dreams and make_ them whole_


Oh this is_ Hard__core__

There is no_ way back for you_

Oh this is Hard__core__

This is me_ on top of you_

And I can't believe_ that it took me this long

That it took me this long


Oh this is the eye_ of the storm_

It's-what men-in stained raincoats pay for

But in here_ it is pure yeah

This is the end of the line

I've_ seen_ the sto_ryline

Played out_ so many times before_

Oh that goes in there_ then that goes in there_

Then that goes in there_ then that goes in there_

Oh___ and then it's over

Oh____ what a hell of a show___

But what-I want to-know

What exactly do you do for an encore? Oh__

'Cos this-is hardcore