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eBGDAE1Verse 1=78Her2442green plastic watering can22220223For a2a24fake Chinese rubber plant2222125In the fake2206plastic527Earth289That2210she bought from a rubber man22220211In a2212town full of rubber plans22221213To get22014rid of itself5221516It wears her out222417Chorus 118It wears her out22221920It wears her22321out2022It wears her out2222232425Verse 2She226lives with a broken man222202227A cracked2228polystyrene man22221229Who just22030crumbles and5231burns23233He234used to do surgery222202235For girls2236in the eighties22221237But gravity22038always5239wins240And it wears him out222441Chorus 242It wears him out22224344It wears him22345out2046Wea---------------------2347---------48------------2449Verse 3rs2She250looks like the real thing22220251She tastes2252like the real thing22221253My fake22054plastic love525525657But258I can't help the feeling22203259I could2260blow through the ceiling2020202061If I just22062turn and run5263264And it wears me out2222465Chorus 366It wears me out22226768It wears me22369out2070It wears me232071out2272And if I could be2235573Outrowho you wanted33274If I could be4423575who you wanted33276All the2177time2278All1792the time2280urghh (soft)02428182838485868788
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