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eBGDAE1=966823456987Take me a picture and222122688hang it on your331309wall01021011co - ver it dark babe2212212the lines must start to3313013crawl1021415down down down1311610217spin me around and a -11131018round10219draw me a - way to the33331320night from the day03131221leave not a trace to be 11131022found10223down1124down5525nothing is real but the33331326way that I feel and I03131327feel like0328go - ing1029down down0330down down1331down down0332down down133334down1023536379838Take me a picture of2221226839eyes that never313040see10241with 242flashes of lightning that02212243burn for on - ly313344me53034546hey hey123447hey01there's on - ly the devil to24811131049pay102I'm350to flow fal - ling 33331351down from below03131252give me a place I can11131053lay10254hey1255hey01350156nothing is real but the33333333013357way that I feel5533553358I feel like30359go - ing1060down down553361down down113362down down553363down down1188646566676869707172737475767778798081828384nothing is real but the33331385way that I feel and I03131386feel like0387go - ing1088down down down0319889nothing is real but the3333136890way that I feel and I03131391feel like0392go - ing1093down down0394down down1395down down0396down down1397down down=30553398down down88314099down510Change tuning (R)
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