Standard (EADGBE)


(1'st verse is sharp and each chord is heard. The rest are played all down-stroke, punk


Took the 6'th street bus... (?)

(The rest of the verses are also all C F G F C)

Lead in to Chorus:

(No idea of the lyrics)


Give 'em the boot, the roots, the radicals...

Give 'em the boot, you know I'm a radical

Give 'em the boot, (?)

...My stereo.


During the "yeah, yeah" part, it is an F barre chord (2'nd family) played at the 8'th fret.

The little riff can be improvised out of a blues scale also at the 8'th fret. At the end of the


the word "yeah" is screamed), the chord switches to a G chord (2'nd family)

played at the 10'th fret.

Outro is the same as the chorus.