Drop Db (EADBGE)

==VERSE 1==

To everyone who cares

I know you're out there listening

I can feel you in the wind

Slow though I have started

I can raise my hand among us

Oh I was so young

==CHORUS 1==

Every heart has to ache

Everyone's dreams will break

It's the good we all take

That lives on

I will never be sure

Why more love is the cure

When it's love that hurt me

In the first place


==VERSE 2==

(Same as Verse 1)

Of course it's easier living in the moment

The now is always then

But 23 Novembers of easy's what I remember

And nothing 's working yet

==CHORUS 2==

(Same as Chorus 1 for 6 bars)

When it's love that hurt me

But just wait, you'll all see

I'll be ok

I'll be ok

I'm just sad right now


(Same as Interlude 1)


(Repeat and fade out)