gDAE1Note: There are a few variations throughout the song but they don't really make a difference in the sound. Just improvise.=13077577757442754557575377577757454505775777576754557575777577757854509775777571075455757511775777571254501377577757147545575751577577757165This solo is a combination of the demo version and the studio version. It's how Flea plays it…450…live.17045X67X57X79X7918 (By the way check out the demo it's way better than the studio version. Even the red hots said the studio version was shit.)09XX7X67X57X571904½X5½X6fullX7fullX8full205755108812XX14½2177577757227545575752377577757245450257757775726754557575277757775728545And it goes on...0