eBGDAE1Intro=854423456789Section 11011121314151617Verse 1I got a bad disease20302031819up from my brain is22212020where i bleed30321Insanity it seems2030232223has got me by my222312024soul to squeeze30325Where all the love form me20302032627with all the dying trees i22212028scream30329the angels in my20302dreams…33031have turned to demons of greed222312032that's me30333Chorus 1Where i go22334just don't know13035i got to god i gotta222222236take it slow030337When i find my222338peace of mind13039i'm gonna give you some of 222222240my good time030341Verse 2Today love smiled on me20302034243It took away my22212044fancy plea30345i'll let your ride be free2030234647you gotta let it be222312048oh yeah30349Chorus 2Where i go i22350just don't know13051i got to god i gotta222222252take it slow030353when i find my222354peace of mind13055i'm gonna give you some of222222256my good time030357Guitar solo5859606162636465Bridge6667686970717273Verse 3Oh, so polite indeed20302037475well, i got everything22212076i need30377oh, make my days a breeze2030237879and take away my self222312080destruction30381Section 1It's a bitter berry...203020382i'm on a roller...83take me to the river..22212084i'll be comin..30385didle doddle...2030238687i could not forget...222312088simple pleasure are...30389Chorus 3Where i go I22390just don't know13091i got to god i gotta222222292take it slow030393When i find my222394peace of mind13095I'm gonna give you some of222222296my good time030397Where i go I22398just don't know13099I might end up somewhere in2222222100Mexico0303101When i find my2223102peace of mind130103I'm gonna keep it for the2222222104end of time030351053106Change tuning (R)