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eBGDAE1=125442345678910111213Verse 1im fallin out368614of grace with the343415world they say ive lost my midas3131343416touch what turned to gold now turns to rust31311332173im falin out368618of line with all the3413119stars that flood my dreams with their gui-3434313120tars and mag a zines1332321Bridgeface down61322this carpet tastes386323like coffee grounds131124ground in to my161325face now61326and every ang-3866327gle's covered131with128jsut another133129Main Riff30313233Verse 2im fallin out368634of style with the1313135current way things are the things that3434313136make conforming hard1332337im fallin out368638of control and you1313139jsut cant stop me now ill fight as3434313140long as time allows1332341Bridgeface down61342this carpet tastes386343like coffee grounds131144ground in to my161345face now61346and every ang-3866347gle's covered131with148jsut another133149band aid2350Chorusim out here361351way beyond63152the shadow161353of a doubt633540and i know361355im never falling out16663356fallin out31357of favor with313158you3im out here361359way beyond63160the shadow161361of a doubt633620and i know361363im never falling out16663364falling out falling out44444465of favor with you3131366Interlude6768697071727374Verse 3i wont think twice386375or even three131176times3about3377takin a gamble with you343131378cause with my life386379you have been so131180kind3i take all my comfort with you381343131382Bridgeface down61383this carpet tastes386384like coffee grounds131185ground in to my161386face now61387and every ang-3866388gle's covered131with189jsut another133190band aid2391Chorusim out here361392way beyond63193the shadow161394of a doubt633950and i know361396im never falling out16663397fallin out31398of favor with313199you3im out here3613100way beyond631101the shadow1613102of a doubt6331030and i know3613104im never falling out166633105falling out falling out444444106of favor with you31313107Outro108109110111112113=110114115Change tuning (R)