d#A#F#C#G#D#1Verse 1=130in the face31010442of change10103is when she7534turned to me and said535735im not3106sure anymore10877389and there1010amidst the waves31031010and the3311cloudless skies that blan-310103312ket the year before8873313i watch my331014life was a shore1081015101617Verse 2=120have you ever been a3101010101018part of something1087319that you thought108720would never end778721but722then of course it did53873232425have you ever felt the10171717171726weight inside you1715141027pulling a-17151428way inside your skin141414151429and then141430something had to give121015141031321233Pre chorus3435Chorus 1now the lines are drawn101010141236is this feeling gone101010151437the bes tparts of this101010141538have come and gone1412101039and now this14141040is all this14141541is144243with the reasons clear101010141244we'll spend another year10101010151445without direc-1010141546tion full of fear1412101047and now things14141048will be diff-14141549erent1450=10051Verse 3=120theres nothin simple when it310101010101052comes to you and i10873353always something in this10101087354everchanging life5557355and there3356prob'ly always will88733575859now that time is getting5121212121260harder to come by121095561same arguments are1212109562always on our minds77710963killed this5564slowly fading light101095565667967Pre Chorus 26869Chorus 2now the lines are drawn101010141270is this feeling gone101010151471the bes tparts of this101010141572have come and gone1412101073and now this14141074is all this14141575is147677with the reasons clear101010141278we'll spend another year10101010151479without direc-1010141580tion full of fear1412101081and now things14141082will be diff-14141583=75erent148485Interlude=65868788and now5789bridge part 1something95has kept me55790here too long and you cant109775791leave me, if im already gone9999757592and now5793Bridge part 2something95has kept me55794here too long and you cant109775795leave me, if im already gone9999755996=70and now9997Bridge part 3something=7099has kept me55798here too long and you cant=90109775799leave me, if im already gone999975591007we5101Outtromake the same mistakes were always hanging on=8597755550579102break the promises we're always leaning on999771010109109103all this time975spent waking557104up97ill5105keep this line open to get this call from you97755550579106speak the words that keep me coming back to you999771010109109107all this time975will be diff-557108rent=7397and now57109something=7395has kept me557110here too long and now im1097757111gone5112Change tuning (R)