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eBGDAE1=96682345Somewhere in a02036market square the232027cobble stones still330308shine29glassy eyes be -020310hold the sight through2320211another cup of 3023212wine013The one eyed jester520214skips and turns as he5200215makes his way through the 3335316crowd21718while the travam's020319royalty try2320220not to laugh aloud332322102223The jester does a -020324nother spin and2320225then falls to the3303026floor227A show of hands a020328short 'hurra' a2320229plea for him to do3023230more031The ease of laughter520232comes so fast when you're5200233not in a jester's3335334shoes235cause36when you're only020337fool's gold, you've2320238got nothing more to loose332323904041Who holds the708770842riches the 5777743jester or the870544king2A345fortress made from753746fools gold or the5777067747tears that treasure can 8885348bring249505152535455565758596061626364Who holds the708770865riches the 5777766jester or the870567king2A368fortress made from753769fools gold or the5777067770tears that treasure can 8885371bring272The273king he sits up -020374on his throne the2320275world's weight on his 3303076chest277When your mind be -020378gins to race you've2320279got no time to3023280rest081Where is my clown I520282need him now to5200283take my troubles a -3335384way28586the harlequin020387rushes in as his2320288work begins for the day3323289090harlequin020391rushes in2032as his0292work begins for the day30202093While094somewhere in a0757087795marketsquare the067706070696noblest ones will 770806076797shine079899100=80101102Change tuning (R)
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