Standard (EADGBE)

hey let them follow you down

way undergound, wind and he`s bound

bound to follow you down

just a deadbeat, right off the street

bound to follow you down

though ball rooms and smelly bordellos

and dressing rooms filled with parasites

on stage, the band has got problems

theyre a bag of nerves on first nights

he aint tied down to no home town

yeh and you thought he was reckless

you think hes bad, he thinks youre mad

yeh, and the guitar player looks reckless


well his coat is torn and frayed

and its seen much better days

just as long as the guitar plays

let ity steal your heart away

Joes got a cough, sounds kind of rough

yeh, got the codine to fix it

Doctor prescribes drugstore supplies

who`s gonna help him to kick it

repeat chorus