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eBGDAE1=80442345I'm 36Verse 1sitting in my room in your prison doin' time5553534355357bars on my windows 'cause you guard so good 544444454434at crime…3…You're8standin on the corner with nothing in your head5553555355359shirt on your back and a gun in your pants555444543410thinkin you're the man but you're only a standart55535553555511standin in line to be the next bad guy533435335412I see what you do when you use what you 353353353313got but what do you do when you do what you5553383353314Choruswant5You're so civilized5555515you get brutalized5555516you're so civilized5555517man I see you get caught down544454518Verse 2Gettin your mind of some guy rockin555535545he519makes his money of fools like you3344455520singin about killin like it ain't no thing55555533534but5321you do the time when you live it for real555555553522In this way from your death row cell you're the333333333323last one to see4335you got sold out8888I524hear you say you hate pigs so much then55555855325why the hell do you act like one5557785526Chorusbecause you're civilized88888827you get brutalized8888828you're so civilized8888829man I see you get caught down858888830you're so civilized8555831you get brutalized5885532yeah yeah yeah888so civilized588833man I watch you get caught down85888583435363738(spoken) I wonder what you're like without the gun39I'd like to see you when you're not…40the gunhow you live……hiding behind …your life without the41gun'cause I know how I live mine42'cause you got one43'cause that's what it is44hiding behind the gun45you take life577you're just another pig to me5757585746you think you're different but you're just another02022202020pig3yeah247a pig yeah032you048got to have a gun then you're just another pig to 2020220202030249me you think you're different but you're just 0202220202another pig21you050got to have a gun20202you're a pig to me2030251just a pig to me20302you052got to have a gun then you're just another pig to 202020202030me253you got a gun0203you're just another pig88888854you're so civilized8588855you get brutalized8885556you're so civilized5555557a558gun in your hand makes a fool out of you553553534359oh yeah55a360gun in your hand makes a target out of me5535538534861oh no5862freedom, you have some85555freedom, you want some8555563freedom, your freedom is killing you man555557855564freedom55you can't handle5585freedom5565hey8and now you're dying boy88885566because you're civilized88888867you get brutalized8888868you're so civilized8888869man I watch you get caught down858888870you're so civilized8555871you get brutalized5885572oh man I75573watch you get yourself cut down5557585Change tuning (R)