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eBGDAE1Intro:=1204423456Rhy. Fig. A:7891011121314Verse 1:Can you hear me230215Can you see? There's a0300216storm on the edge of the sky32303201718Does it matt - er well It23023319does to me, and I can03200220tell you why32021you know2222When there's thunder, there 2302323should be rain But it0320224don't always foll - ow the rule323030225226Pre-Chorus:And is the wise man0000027al - ways right? no222128he can play the fool3232329It's al - ways a My -121235233530Chorus:- ste - ry122331not what it see -203032-ms to be23033It's al - ways a My -121235233534- ste - ry just1223135like you and me...323236037Al - ways a My - stery1235233500233839404142Verse 2:We are light - ning230243We are flame and we0300244burn at the touch of a spark32303204546If there's a fi - re but20302347no one sees then there's002230248on - ly the dark230235354950Just i - ma - gine230251will you try i can0320252see that you've opened your mind323030253254Pre-Chorus:Sil - ver li - nings can0000055dis - a - ppear but they al -22220156- ways shine3257It's al - ways a My -121235233558Chorus:- ste - ry122359not what it seems203060to be23061It's al - ways a My -121235233562- ste - ry just1223163like you and me...323264065Always a My - ste - ry12352335002366Solo:6768697071727374757677787980818283848586It's al - ways a My -121235233587Chorus:- ste - ry122388not what it seems 203089to be23090It's al - ways a My -121235233591- ste - ry just1223192like you and me...323293094It's al - ways a My -121235233595Outro Chorus:- ste - ry122396not what you want203097to see23098It's al - ways a My -121235233599- ste - ry just12231100like you and me...32321010102Always a My - ste - ry123523350023103104Always a My - ste - ry123523350023105106107108109110111
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