eBGDAE1=604423456789Shame on the35310Verse 1night5for511places I've been3535and what I've seen035512for giving me the strangest dreams0355033013But you never let me know just what they mean and33557787578514Chorus8oh5so shame on the night10875155alright5516And shame on55317Verse 2you5You've318stolen the day3535snatched it away3535but019I saw the sky and I never wanna die3555003335120Now you know the reason why3558888I say3521Chorusoh8oh5shame on the1087322night5You don't5723care what you've done8755so I5724think I'd better run87588shame on the355325Verse 3sun5for the0026light you sold355I've lost my hope0355on the0027magic flame355but now I know your name03335228Oh lord just go away you came again557875787529Chorusoh8oh5oh shame on the 1087530night5You don't5731care what you've done8755so I5732know I'd better run87587878787833Bridge787873435363738394041Shame on the35342Verse 4night5for543for places I've been 8888and what I've seen887544for giving me the strangest dreams888871087545and never nevver neve know just what they mean and588888887578546Chorusoh8oh5shame on the1087347night5You don't5748care what you've done8755here I5749go8I got to run8857878787850787872451Outro4452Shame on the night87555354Shame shame on 55355you556Shame on my875357dreams8558Shame on the sun and you555535Shame on the553359night560Well I5761lost my home on the magic flame88757855but362now I know your name85585Shame on the877363night864Shame on you8556530566Shame on all of you881055Shame on the night87556768697071727374