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eBGDAE1=94442345678910Verse 1Hanging from the cobwebs in your mind9759795571159it looks like a779912long long way to fall597561314No one ever told me life was kind9759795571559I guess I77916never heard it5977I never heard it all955775179718Living in a world of make believe9759795571959I can7920hide behind what's real5975621But722wearing your emotions on your sleeves9759795572359and they7924all know what you feel5975525926ChorusAnd here it comes again77575727straight through the heart77592829straight through the heart77593099931999Oh,932Verse 2never tell a secret with your eyes9759795573359It's the7934eyes that let you down597563536tell a little truth with many lies9759795573759It's the7938only way I found5975539940ChorusOh here it comes again77575741straight through the heart77594243straight through the heart7759444546BridgeShout to the5full3547wind248How can you hurt me this 55553249way ??4250Oh, once it be -223551gins2it552looks like it's coming to 55552353stay27545556Verse 3Hanging from the cobwebs in your mind97597957957looks like a79958long long way to fall597595960noone ever told me life was kind97597957961I guess I77962never heard it5977never heard it all557796364ChorusBut here it comes again77575765straight through the heart77546667straight through the heart775968straight through the heart77596970Solo71727374757677787980818283848586ChorusHere it comes again7575787straight through the heart77598889in the middle of the heart75757590991now 992don't stand still975they'll793get you97right through your heart77599495and596here it comes775here it comes a -775797gain7straight through the heart77599899100101102103104105
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