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eBGDAE1Intro=9044234567=508=1259=13010111213141516171819202122Verse 1This hotel bar,7575532375Is full of people.5375537524632526The piano man757563752763is really laying it down.7563636363637528532930Even the old bartender7575537531757553is high as a steeple537575533275633334So why tonight should i…757563…wear a frown?351078563851078563753637383940Verse 2The joint is75755341jumpin'7575all around me.75537542634344And my mood is really not in style756345107856375637553464748Right now the blues,5375534975Want's to surround me.5375537550205152But i'll break out,75631075385After a while.8585108547555Well75i'm75a7556Chorusmillion miles away535353205357I'm a million…7552…miles away58637575537559637560Sailing like a driftwood,107858563107615262On52a windy bay7575537563Well75i'm75a7564million miles away535353205365I'm a million…7552…miles away66637575537567637568Sailing like a driftwood,107858563107695270On52a windy bay7575537571727374757677787980Guitar Solo81828384858687888990919293949596979899100BridgeWhy ask how i feel?8585856310185102Well how does it look to you?5352525252751035375104I fell hook line and sinker53757575537510553Lost20my53106captin and my crew7552755375107108I'm standing on the landing63858585638510975110And there's no one there but me5353525252301115375112That's where you'll see me5375537575113114Looking out on the7575638563115Deep blue sea.855275116117118119120121122123124Verse 3Theres a song on the lips,7575757553312575Of everybody5375537512663127128There's a smile all round the room.7575631296363633053130131132There's conversation5375531337553Overflowing.63631343053135136So why must I sit31537563137107here in the gloom?85637575138139140Verse 4This hotel bar,75755314175Has lost it's53755375142people63143144The piano man has caught the last bus home.756310785145637563637553146147148The old bartender is asleep in the corner537575149755353536363633053150151152So why must I still be here537563851531078563I don't know.85856375154155i'm75a75156Chorusmillion miles away5353532053157I'm a million miles away755215863757553751596375160Sailing like a driftwood,10785856310716152162On52a windy bay75755375163i'm75a75164million miles away5353532053165I'm a million miles away755216663757553751676375168Sailing like a driftwood,10785856310716952170On52a windy bay75755375171yes75i'm75a75172Chorus Repeatmillion miles away5353532053173A million miles away.3017410785637575175176Sailing like a driftwood,10785856310717752178On52a windy bay75755375179i'm75a75180million miles away5353532053181I'm a million…7552…miles away18263757553751836375184Sailing like a driftwood,10785856310718585186On52a windy bay75755375187188Outro...=1361891901911921931941951961971981992002012022032042052062072082092102112122132142152162172182192202212222232242252262272282292302312322332342352362371 Add comment2 Add comment3 Add comment4 Add comment5 Add comment6 Add comment7 Add comment8 Add comment9 Add comment10 Add comment11 Add 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