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eBGDAE1=10344234785446787448910111213Verse 1Running through a023514a pool of rain335315=105I think i'll do it3357816one more time again5875717=110I hope I always3357818Feel this way757Maybe I will2451942021Verse 2Searching for a023522a piece of ground335323Were I can lay my3335724body down75325With the earth for a pillow3577872653Under my head24527=105428=11129BridgeWake up55In the morning575303It's a brand new3543315day43233Though it seems the same5354234It's different from yesterday353535454336375435423338And put my cup away5353942040=11541Guitar Solo4243444546474849505152535455565758596061=1096263BridgeWake up55In the morning575643It's a brand new3543655day46667Though it seems the same5354268It's different from yesterday353569454370715435423372And put my cup away5357342074=11375Verse 3Running down a002376A country lane335377Looking on a357878A field of grain375379Just to see you smile5557580Makes me feel alive again353581=1114548283Verse 4Opening a023584another door335385I'll see what I357886have not seen before5875787Maybe I'll find3575788What i'm looking for75358949091Repeat Verse 1Running through a023592a pool of rain335393I think i'll do it3357894one more time again5875795=110I hope I always3357896Feel this way757Maybe I will24597=1064Maybe I will24598499Outro10078101441027810344104105106107108109110111112113114=100115116117Change tuning (R)
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