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dAF#DADP. M.13Bottle Slide Used Throughout=604¼20442000407033¼(3)03½5440707750P. M.500403360055555P. M.7500005555338303033P. M.P. M.900300100000333104000445555P. M.115445550120055553020P. M.P. M.P. M.1300Lots of Towns,304010Lots of Songs,03314000Lots of Woman,04005015Good Times, 404Bad Times.74200The only thing I want anybody to say is,1316220201001000P. M.P. M.P. M.17He could really play,0000302He was Good!40018320212191212Reverb and Delay FX in1220121212129321121212127P. M.22101210121223057585P. M.240575873255555
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