eBGDAE1Riff 1=100442243444245446247448249Riff 2241610111st Versethe time has come0000for you00join the00004412army and learn how to kill0000002413blind you with fear and hate0000000they say they00004414want you awake0002415fight for their aims to rule000000while they are resting and call you a fool000044160000002417stay awake all night000000uggerly await00004418for the day to fight0000002419Refrainkill in command00001416202421weapon your own hand000001416222423there is no fun00001416242425war has be000111626Riff 1gun04427242844292430Riff 2241631322nd Versekilling innocent men000000hatred will bring00004433this world to an end0000002434as you are soaked in blood0000000ticket for hell00004435with no turning back0000002436someone's dream of being rich00000000may stop your00004437life someday00002438someone's dream of being rich00000000may stop 00004439humanity00002440Refrainordered just to kill000001416412442this game is real00001416432444kill at first sight00001416452446War you must000111647Interludefight03448495051hoog0525354555657585960616263Bridgeordered just to0000111664kill03465this game is 000111666real03467kill at first 000111668sight03469war you must000111670Solo 1fight03471727374Solo 2757677784479Riff 1802481448224834484248544862487Riff 2241688893rd VerseLeaders from above000000plaing with us 00004490their wicked game0000002491you know who they are0000000stop asking00004492me whose to blame00002493you are a tool and a slave0000000serveant of bastards000044940you deserve to be000002495it's time to make your pray00000000cause into00004496the warfiled late it will be0000002497Refrainkill in command00001416982499weapon your own hand00000141610024101there is no fun0000141610224103war has begun00001416