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eBGDAE1IntroHey people. I'm here to talk about arpeggios.=75442(An Example)=120878789109107833Cool Huh?=75You CAN do that,……and even more elaborate ones.4(Hard? I know I can't play that! hehe.. =P)=120871091078109109898789125ScalesAll you need to have is basic scales knowledge.=75Oh and of course, practice study and a teacher6=75like me (hehe jk)If you've been studying…probably……for a while you will have…heard of them.7(C Major Scale)=120857857458Yes! The old Do-Re-Mi you learned in school=75is worth something!9First thing for Major Scales: you need to know=50their formula to build them properly.It is…-SEMITONE……TONE-TONE-SEMITONE-TONE-TONE-TONE10T=1208T5S7T8T5T7S4511Got it? NO??=50ok..What I mean by that is the interval betweenone note and the other.Between C and D there's…E and F……one TONE, but between…only a SEMITONE12A tone is equivalent to jumping one fret in theguitar and a semitone is just jumping to the next.Now with that formula you can build any majorscale!13C Major=7585785745D Major107910796714F# Major for 2 Octaves (sharps can be major!)1411131411131011111311121411131415The notes in any scale are divided into "graus"=50, numbers, i dont know the word in english.. heheKnowing this is extremely important forchord contruction and arpeggio theory54161=12052739455769768 (an octave up from…74417=50…1, that is, same note)18You probably noticed I use C Major a lot. Well itsjust cuz its easier for people to visualize5419But ill variate. That was A major.You probably noticed also scales followa graphical pattern in the guitar's fretboard.I wont talk about that, but you…them …should memorize20and connect them throghout the fretboard.There are explanatory exercises on MSB on that.You can also check in GPro's fretboard the scalessection.There are some weird ones hehe21Chord ContructionMoving on, now a bit of chord construction.=50A Major Chord is formed by the tonic (1), whichgives the name to the chord and its…, and a minor chord…than……3rd and 5th…by 1, 3b (one semitone lower…3)22and 5 as well.To give it some spice you can add the 7th or 7b (one semitone lower)- these are maj7(major chord with 7th), 7 (major with 7b), m7M(minor with 7th) and m7(minor with 7b) 23There are millions of other chord structures I won=185't mention here such as augmented or diminute, just research!Now lets cut the bullshit…Whats that……(oops.. hehe)…good for?24Angra ExampleThis (Brazilian Metal Band's Angra - Carry On)=1851217128128101310914910131084425Notice the start on a minor chord then a major10151071078128712781287267756327=1455579328Malmsteen's ExampleThis:=14575Yngwie Malmsteen's - Too Young to Die, Too Drunk767910777710333329To Live9576791491011109333330757679107777103333319576791491011109333332107777109576793333337467649576333345232325244423333357454547466643333369576791077771033333714910111091714141414173333381919141614101110755639524542857875333340118101110814111314131133334191499119914991191433334213991099This---->13991099333343Megadeth's ExampleExtracted from Rock Licks - Top 10 Rock Licks from=12046445½¾full6½455½¾fullthe 80's6½46by Manu C.P.45454manucp78@hotmail.com54565454676474637378½P. M.48222222224922222222P. M.502222222251222222225259977710141012111214971253119109121712141414161291254And This-->955Greg Howe's ExampleGreg Howe=1201712912910(also taken from rock licks 80's)1410914911141191491014-Try to find the pattern of…10912912…chords-561510710781287127912971278128710710570234245245225814161714161816181917192017192021201917(22)6359(24)60Thats all folks. Remember to always study, researc=50h, and practice!One More Golden Rule: ALWAYS REMEMBER--> In a major scale, 1, 4 and 5 are 61major chords; 2,3 and 6 are minor and 7 is diminished.That way its easier to identify which scales touse in a chord progression and which chords in a62riff.Many…63Change tuning (R)
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