eBGDAE1=1104423456789Vocals startStranded in this town9975910my machine slows down2597711to take me where the night begins59991012977713I'm playing everywhere9975914loving here and there2597715I always take the chance to win59991016977717Drove a million miles91297718gambling rules my life2597719I only stop to start again5757520912921I reach out through the air101081081022good luck is everywhere22297723can almost touch it0777724 with my hands887525Just a little luck tonight533153312653868627will do85and dreams come…05…true2887529Just a little luck tonight533153313053868631I can't stop the wheel97979that turns the ball of steel888328full881033When passion rules the game88757347yeah yeah5335uhh5I536ain't got no control85858when my heart's in…88…flames37887When passion rules the game88757387yeah yeah5339uhh5540I ain't got no control85858when my heart's in flames8841887542Stranded in this town9975943life takes me up and down22597744I'll break the score 5757545until I'm free58546Can't stop to roll the dice55353547and in the morning light22297748a girl like you is all I need5777749887550Don't you need some love tonight?533153315153868652I do850553yes, I do87554Don't you need some love tonight?533153315553868656How can we stand we stand the heat9797988857when love is all we need?8full881058When passion rules the game88757597yeah yeah5360uhh5561I ain't got no control85858when my heart's in…88…flames628878When passion rules the game8757637yeah yeah5364uhh5565I ain't got no control85858when my heart's in flames8866887567First lead part6869707172737475Don't you need some love tonight?533153317653868677I do850578yes, I do87579Don't you need some love…53315331…tonight?8053868681How can we stand the heat979798when love is all we need?88828full881083When passion rules the game88757847yeah yeah5385uhh5586I ain't got no control85858when my heart's in flames88878878When passion rules the game8757887yeah yeah5389uhh5590I ain't got no control85858when my heart's in flames8891887592Second lead part93949596979899When passion rules the game887571007yeah yeah53101uhh55102I ain't got no control85858when my88103heart's in flames8878When passion rules the…8757…game1047yeah yeah53105uhh55106I ain't got no control85858when my heart's in…88…flames......10788788757108753