dAFCGD1=110024423330243323502320260320370232028032039We went into town on the tuesday night08080808080807070505050510Searching all the places that you hang about0808080808080707050505051102We're looking for you3202120320313In the back street cellar dive drinking clubs08080808080807070505050514In the discotheques and the gaming pubs0808080808080707050505051502We're looking for you3202160320317You will pay the price for my own sweet brother3523351835And what he has become233519And a hundred other boys and girls35233520And all that you have done352335210232232323022243354525We picked up the trail at the Seven Crowns08080808080807070505050526One of your cronies - he was doing your rounds080808080808070705050505270We followed him23202280320329Just a silhouette figure up market pass08080808080807070505050530Where the headlamps shine on the broken glass080808080808070705050505310We followed him23202320320333Over the bridge by the old canal35233534Where the shadows dance on the lighted wall35233535He stopped to light up a cigarette35233536And we dived into a doorway35233537No Police, no summous, no courts of law2203855NO77555NO77588NO1010888NO1010839No proper procedures, no rules of war2204055NO77555NO77588NO1010888NO1010841No mitigating circumstance2204255NO77555NO77588NO1010888NO1010843No lawyers fees, no second chance2204455NO77555NO77588NO1010888NO1010845911119777646911119777647911119777648911119777649There are lasses getting trouble on their own home08080808080807070505050550There are old folk battered in the open street080808080808070705050505510In this city of ours23202520320353There are eyes that see but say nothing at all08080808080807070505050554There are ears that hear but they don't recall080808080808070705050505550In this city of ours23202560320357So we followed your man back to your front door35233558And we're waiting for you outside35233559'Cos not everybody here is scared of you35233560Not everybody passes on the other side35233561No Police, no summous, no courts of law2206255NO77555NO77588NO1010888NO1010863No proper procedures, no rules of war2206455NO77555NO77588NO1010888NO1010865No mitigating circumstance2206655NO77555NO77588NO1010888NO1010867No lawyers fees, no second chance2206855NO77555NO77588NO1010888NO1010869And we could spent our whole lives waiting33155370220 For some thunderbolt to come33171And we could spent our whole lives waiting33155372220 For some justice to be done33173Unless we make our own.....33174220002207533111331762200022077331Aaahh!!!33133133133178No Police, no summous, no courts of law2207955NO77555NO77588NO1010888NO1010880No proper procedures, no rules of war2208155NO77555NO77588NO1010888NO1010882No mitigating circumstance2208355NO77555NO77588NO1010888NO1010884No lawyers fees, no second chance2208555NO77555NO77588NO1010888NO101088600553004428700775