Capo 3rd fret

Standard (EADGBE)


Verse 1

Sunny morning you can hear it siren's warning

There is weather on

Both sides

But at least and I know it is coming E7

Verse 2

Just like before there's a black dog that scratches my door he's been growling my name


"You better get to running"


Can you make it

Better for me?

Can you make me see the light of day?


I got know one who will bring me a big umbrella so i'm wathching the weather channel and

for the strorm.

It's the same all over again and then a instrumental break of


You won't want me hanging 'round the birthday pony

Even though it's just a game Csus2

You know we are the same B

But you're the better faker ENDS ON E (RING OUT)

Hope you enjoy!!!