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eBGDAE1=904423456789When4you're410wea3-1ry , __411feel4in _______612small313When tears are89814in6your eyes11815I'll816dry them_ all68681718I'm on your side . ______________314119Oh,____620when times_ get6364321rough__41322And friends just6151323can't 11be 13found,_1324Like a151325Bridge O - ver1110826Trou-bled Wa-ter868627I will811lay13me1528down.16Like15a1329Bridge O - ver1110830Trou - bled Wa - ter863631I8wil 11lay13me1532down .113334353637When you're4438down3and out,__1439when you're on the444640street341When eve - ning 89842falls6so hard__11843I will8844com - fort - you.68684546I'm take your part314147Oh,____648when dark - nees6364349comes__41350And pain is6151351all11a - round,__131352Like a151353Bridge O - ver1110854Trou-bled Wa-ter868655I will811lay13me1556down.16Like15a1357Bridge O - ver1110858Trou - bled wa - ter8681159I will lay me1113111060down .______________1161626364656667686970Sail on8871sil - ver girl,64372Sail on81073by.674Your time has89875come6to shine.__11876All your8877dreams are on their_way6863147879See how they31480shine._______1Oh,___681if you15682need a friend64383I'm sail - ing6151384right be - hind.___11131385Like a151386Bridge O - ver1110887Troubled Wa - ter8681188I will ease your mind.__111811101189Like a151390Bridge O - ver16151391Trou - bled Wa - ter151615131192I will ease your mind.___161615131593941595131111969798
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