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eBGDAECapo -1th fret1=123442347596979109879979799910911910912799797913914915910916799797917618919720799797921Oh see the storm is threatening...6224x797923War624Children925Its just a kiss away, its just a kiss away7267797927Yeah92872910121091030911911911931Oh see the fire is sweeping...611324x797933Rape634Murder935Its just a kiss away,…7…its just a kiss away367797937Yeah93873910121091040911911911941Oh see the storm is threatening...611424x797943Love644Sisters945Its just a shot away, its just a shot away7467797947War948Children749Its just a kiss away, its just a kiss away10121091050911911911951Rape652Murder953Its just a kiss away, its just a kiss away75477777797955Love956Sisters957Its just a shot away its just a shot away910958799797959War660Children961Its just a kiss away, its just a kiss away76277777797963Rape/Rape/Love/Love9649659109664x799797967War/War/Rape/Rape/Love/Love…6869706x71War72Children... its just a kiss away, kiss away, kiss away
Shift pitch (R)