Standard (EADGBE)

5 3

7 3

7 5

6 5

5 5

5 3

3 5

5 5

5 7

4 7

3 7

3 5

People think she beautiful, well that's for sure

Give a little loving, but I still gon need some more, rob it

Steal it from the rich and then give it to the poor

Telling everbody it don't matter anymore, she said

All I really needed was a friend like you

Help me through and together we can change, but

If I was to stay it wasn't for too long

People sing the same song everywhere I'm going

Closer to the sun and far from the moon

People screaming out they gonna see me real soon,

they say oooo oooo oooo

The second part of the song is the exact same as the first part