eBGDAE1=13444234Lyrics:56789 RELOAD10Intro1112131415161718Verse 1You've got the wings of a fallen angel222211219224420You offer peace if they praised your name22221122124422You live your life taking44222223Everything you can get22121424Look down9425Time to fly764full26Verse 2Out on the streets you gamble2211227with your own life22244428Only two things - you live or you die2211229224430Looking for fight442231Punishing guilty ones22121432You're playing Judge Dredd4424233All the time664234Chorus 1Always trying to make things right41246354Sometimes problems just multiply2436412His peacemaker will see no crime4637421138Bad guys win though…39…it4041won't seem right42Verse 3Eating hotdog on the corner of made in some street22211243222444444You are a disciple of your own gun221111245224446No one to talk, you say:44222247"I am the only one22121448But god I wonder44242I want see the sun"249224250Verse 4You're sweating heavily and you222211251don't have a dime2224452We see welfare221153Spend it all in one time222212154Must save your bullets, using them all the time4442225522121456Yes, I am happy in4424245758Chorus 2Always trying to make things right41246594Sometimes problems just…24…multiply60412His peacemaker will see no crime46614211Bad guys win6263though it won't seem right64Guitar solo6566676869707172Keyboard solo7374757677787980C-PartYou've got your fingers burning222421281How long your gun is turning666767642382You make them pray and then you111124683calmly blow them away42242184214Taking rebels to the street22421285No matter who you're gonna meet666767642386cause everybody knows that he is111126½8766676688Chorus 3Not enough space to mark lyrics, check bars 92-1004124689424904124691421192Chorus 4Always trying to make things right776429311294Sometimes problems just multiply776429511196His peacemaker will see no crime776429719798Bad guys win though it won't seem right776429912100Outro4101102103104105106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124