eBGDAEB1=1204423452464478910kill/feel411me/me112you will be haunted by my/pressumed dead but alive and666666613ghost/lost314you can burry your fears33333815you can hide your mistakes333331116but thorny roses will sprout333333317right up-on these graves1111111181819hey820we are the toys38311that you11821are too bored to play with151581111822we are the clocks38311that you11823forgot to rewind151511324we are the weakest of3831111825your mightiest phobias and15151581111111126we are the worst of your3831111827fears coming to life15151511828293031322433tie44434me135with the ropes I have made my666666636self337try438me8but139never take a look in my666666840head341cos you will face the truth33333842nothing is what it seems333331143you'll realise that I'm the 333333344one behind the scenes11111111154546hey847we are the toys38311that you11848are too bored to play with151581111849we are the clocks38311that you11850forgot to rewind151511351we are the weakest of3831111852your mightiest phobias and15151581111111153we are the worst of your3831111854fears coming to life15151511855guitar8856575859606162636465we are the toys38311that you11866are too bored to play with151581111867we are the clocks38311that you11868forgot to rewind151511369we are the weakest of3831111870your mightiest phobias and15151581111111171we are the worst of your3831111872fears coming to life15151511873we are the toys38311that you11874are too bored to play with151581111875we are the clocks38311that you11876forgot to rewind151511377we are the weakest of3831111878your mightiest phobias and15151581111111179we are the worst of your3831111880fears coming to life151515118818283you cannot beat the impossible6666666848852486try44487me1Change tuning (R)