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eBGDAE1Intro=1004423456789Verse 1I feel like this313410Won't go away313411No matter how314312Hard I try to314313Squeeze my eyes shut313414So I can see313415This pain in you314316This pain in me314417Break318In me141932021ChorusEverthing that I can say to you887226863632324Won't help you37125Everything you need is right infront of you887266863636327Just take it332812429Verse 2I know that I'm31344430Really not here313131To represent314332What I'm not clear314333About in my head313434Sometimes I feel113435Fucked up134336Just like you do434(0)37Break338Like you do1439634041ChorusEverthing that I can say to you887426863634344Won't help you37145Everything you need is right infront of you887466863636347Just take it334814449Chorus Pt. 2Try to make it through the daily pain887506464645152That you feel1011653Maybe tomorrow won't be so bad8875464236355I know it335612457Breakdown3458Sort of spokencos59I once felt that way4460446136263Nothing I could say4464446536667Make it go away4468446937071I lived through this44724473I still feel this44744475I just live for my tomorrow4476437743786779Broken Down=584480(just) make it go away3141381482(just) make it go away3141383484(she'll) make it go away314138586(she'll) make it go away31413874888990
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