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eBGDAElet ring1Part 1BPM is just a guess=147045354...pls read title info for more details35435464let ring2355355355355let ring3053235235235let ring4243234243234let ring5305050305050let ring6221012221012let ring723525323525I like to play…3…a slide herelet ring82202022202let ring90453543054354let ring103054354354354let ring112350235235235let ring12343234234234let ring13305050050050let ring14221012012012let ring15235253253253let ringlet ringlet ring16slow down about here=55224242224217Part 2slightly faster than Part 1 .. grooovie :)=16500354354003541800235235330235193301001022010202225342242100354354003542200235235I use my thumb for the low G330235233301001022010let ringlet ring24same speed as Part 1 but slow down direktly=147235253224225a bit slower again with imidiate slow-down=95045354354220Change tuning (R)