eBGDAE1=110442345678910111213What's it like being on your own?55888147754Is415your heart cold, has it turned to stone?5588816754317The glimmer of the person I444477718knew is dead663319You know I'm glad we never met447720663421So you go your way558822I'll go mine77423I've erased your images from my mind555588824774but I'm6625Torn, torn in between77573267all the things that made us regret77278888108all7the things we wish we'd never have…8…said28888810873297why7can't we57330see7our731actions only leave us8888108our732actions only leave us dismay888810873337And I5734know3your face will be there haunting me73588881088336haunting wherever I go1087108733377goes to5738show7I rushed into something with someone739888108833401087I no longer knew!108733417You thought you were always right588842774You wouldn't go down without a…4…fight43555884477445Deep inside I always knew447746663That you had a twisted side to you3474447748663So449What's it like being on your own?55888507754Is451your heart cold, has it turned to stone?5588852754653Torn, torn in between77573547all the things that made us…77…regret558888108all the things we wish we'd never have said756888810873577why7can't we57358see7our759actions only leave us8888108our760actions only leave us dismay888810873617And I5762know3your face will be there haunting me76388881088364haunting wherever I go1087108733657goes to5766show7I rushed into something with…7…someone67888108833681087who I didn't know!108733697707172737475767778798081828384858687888990919293949596979899100101Torn, torn in between775731027all the things that made us regret771038888108all the things we wish we'd never have said71048888108731057why7can't we573106see7our7107actions only leave us888810883108they leave us, they leave us dismay10881087331097And I57110know3your face will be there haunting…7…me111888810883112haunting wherever I go10871087331137goes to57114show7878753I wasted my time on someone that I no longer know!711588810883311610871087331177118119120121122123124125126