eBGDAE1[Intro]=8144234[Verse1] I never seen you lookin' so bad my funky one24756You tell me that your super-fine mind has come undone078[Chorus1] Any major dude with half a heart surely would tell you my friend910Any amount of world that breaks apart falls together again11212When the demon is at your door013 in the morning he won't be there noooo…14…more1522161017[Turn1]0031800319003200030021[Verse2] Have you ever seen a squonk's tears? 22232425[Chorus2] Any major dude with half a heart 2627282903031320331034[Turn2]20033500336003370030038[Bridge] I can tell you all I know the where to go the what to do394041042[Solo]43440012004546[Chorus3]474804950000515253054355[Modulation] 56113357[Outro]003580035900360610030062636465Change tuning (R)