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eBGDAE1=614423456789101112131415161718192021222324252627A man round forty in the back seat=7001220012200002230002232811233129Must have stepped in When I was empty01220012200002230002233011233131So why’s he sat there just waiting?01220012200002230002233211233133Likely to smash my face in01220012200002230002233411233135He had a bag full of money01220012200002230002233611233137He said just drive me away01220012200002230002233811233139I didn’t know where I was going01220012200002230002234011233141Yet it felt good to be strange01220012200002230002234211233143And then I looked up and looked in the 0102301023000020000020440122001220010203Mirror…010203…behind me 4511233146And then I looked up and looked in the 0102301023000020000020470122001220010203Mirror behind me 01020348112331495051525354555657It gives me so much satisfaction01220012200002230002235811233159To watch you beg and cry 01220012200002230002236011233161Well I just made up this story01220012200002230002236211233163To get your attention makes me smile01220012200002230002236411233111233111233111233165And then I looked up and looked in the 0102301023000020000020660122001220010203Mirror behind me 0102036711233168And then I looked up and looked in the 0102301023000020000020690122001220010203Mirror…010203…behind me 70112331Change tuning (R)