Stone Temple Pilots - Plush Chords

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= 3x0033 (or 320033, open )

= 355433 ( barre)

Gm = 355333 (or use 365333, x11333)

= 2x0232

= 133211

= x32010

= xx023x (or xx0232)

= x3x030 (or x32033)

= x2x033 (or x20033)

Section breakdowns


To find it!

Chord Notes:

The chords of contraversy are going to be the G barre and Gm. The closest tab shows a Eb7/G

(365333) played for both of these. Though, that didn't sound right and was hard to play

(maybe the later is why it sounded off to me). I think the Gm with the mellower Chorus 1

("where you going for tommorrow...") strumming and mutes sounds pretty cool (even if not

exact). Then switching to a regular G bar in the main Chorus ("when the dogs to find

her...") sounds just fine for rocking it out a bit more (changing things up, etc). Same

thing with the regular F barre, sounds just fine to me, and matches up with my Gm and G

barre nicely. If my chords are too simplified, tinker with them. But, I layout the song and

break it down it with good enough detail that this version should be useful.

-. Hall