Standard (EADGBE)


Well I know it, it's a shame, a shame I can't show it

And I see it, I can see it now, but I'm so far below it


Don't wanna, don't wanna talk about it, I say why not

Don't wanna think about it, I say theres got

To be some good reason for your little black backpack

Upsmack turn around he's on his back and

Dont wanna tango with you, I'd rather tangle with him

I think I'm gonna bash his head in

This shouldn't concern you except that

Just don't expect to get your bloody little backpack back

[Repeat Intro]

And I can feel you, yes I can

What about that dont you understand

And I sense you its somethin sensual

But its less than I planned

Your tryin to find the reason for the way you feel tonight

Your mind is lined with layers of lead, have you heard one thing that I've said

Repeat Chorus (x2)