eBGDAE1=864424x3She hides herself454full445talks to no one else4542467She hates her skin454284the soul within425459and pays her therapy bills54525421011She hates his smell454full12413his tongue as well454full14415He tries his grin4542164that once has been4254517mysterious to her545254218And I feel so good7485741071910720because I live on my own1291291310151213101292112922And I feel so fine7485741072310724because I live separately1291291310151213101292512926And I feel so good7485741072710728because I found my point of view1291291310151213101292912930And I watch people Fall74748574745231And I watch people Fall(7)(4)(7)(4)(8)(5)(7)(4)(7)(4)(5)(2)323x33343536373839404142434445