eBGDAE1Intro=100442345Verse 1I don't know why I'm121212121296lovin' like I do12912127All the changes121212128You put me through12121199Take my money1212121210My cigaret129121211I haven't seen 129121212Worse of it1211913And I wan't to know912912914can you tell me91291215I love to stay1211912119121617ChorusTake me to the121211918River91119Drop me in the11991120Water91121Push me to the121211922River91123Dip me in the11991124Water91125Verse 2I don't know why1212121212926You treat me so bad129121227Think of all the things1212121228We could have had121211929Love is an ocean1212121230I can't forget129121231My sweet sixteen129121232I would never meet1211933And I wan't to know912912934can you tell me91291235I love to stay1211912119123637ChorusTake me to the121211938River91139Drop me in the11991140Water91141Push me to the121211942River91143Dip me in the11991144Water911let ring45BridgeLove me9946Squice me10947Love me9948Tease me1094950ChorusTake me to the121211951River91152Drop me in the11991153Water91154Push me to the121211955River91156Dip me in the11991157Water91158Verse 3I don't know why I'm1212121212959living like I do129121260All the trouble1212121261You put me through121211962Sixteen candles1212121263There on the wall129121264And here am I129121265The biggest fool of all1211966And I wanna know912912967can you tell me91291268I love to stay1211912119126970ChorusTake me to the121211971River91172Drop me in the11991173Water91174Push me to the121211975River91176Dip me in the11991177Water91178