eBGDAE1Intro TAB by JPG=1154423456789ChorusJump in my car75751011I want to take -- you home57575771213Mm jump in my car775751415it's too far to walk on your own.757575771617(No thank you……sir)18Verse 1Oh8come on810I'm a101019trustworthy guy88810(no thank you sir)20Oh5little75girl I75wouldn't7521tell you75no7lie5(I know your game)22How5can4you say54that we5423only54just met58(You're all the same)24Ooh7she's got me there but5757525I'll get her yet.7575(I got you there)26No10you didn't I was101212141227catchin' my breath12121210and look it's10101028startin' to rain10101010and baby10101029you'll catch your death10101010(Well I don't know)30Ah8come8 on ---10 10it costs121031nothing to try1010810and you'll ar -10121032rive9home10nice9and1033dry.102434Mm7Mm7jump in my car7575443536I wanna take you home57575773738come on57jump in my car75753940it's too far to walk on your own.710757577414243Lead Break444546474849505152ChorusMm7Mm7Jump in my car75755354I want to take -- you home57575775556Mm jump in my car775755758it's too far to walk on your own.757575775960(Well maybe I……will)61Ah8that's better8 10 10you're1062startin' to talk sense8 881210(But you'd best keep still)63Well if you like I'll just75 75 7564put up75a7fence5(No need to get smart)65Well5al -4right5we'll soon be4 5466on our way545(Well we'd better start)67why7what5for7(Because it's68such a long way)Why where d'you live?56786910(I live down South it's roughly 7084 miles)Hey slow down10101071you must be jokin' there 1010101010 10behind101072that cute smile101010(Oh no I'm not)73Well if you're not there's only8 8 10 10 1210 1274one thing to say1010810(and what's that)75Get out the car9 9 10 9get on12 1076your way.10 102477Final ChorusGet10out of1210my11car94478(But you just said that79you'd take me home) it's not too far1010121080(But there's no way that I……can81get there alone)I couldn't care less12121011982(Maybe I could 83see you next week) but you look a mess1010121084(well look who's talkin' you've got85no right to speak)Get out of my car1414141286(You told me that you were a87really nice guy) Well I ain't15151588well1589Yeah14get14out of1414my car12129091Get out1412get10out of13131212my car.1111101092