eBGDAE1=7844234If every word I said 85666866Could make you laugh I'd talk forever66868887898I ask the sky just what we had…89686868610Mmm It shone forever8888118912If the8913song I sing to you66686Could fill your heart with joy I'd sing forever81466686888158916Forever 8171111Fo1118rever111119I've been so happy loving you 999966820643212223together my love4314124Let the love I have for you 34256668626Live in your heart and beat forever6686888278928Fo829rever1111Forever1130111131I've been so happy loving you 99996683264333Baby just let me sing it my baby 15151515151513111334I wanna be singin' my baby 151515151515151515133511I wanna be singin' my baby151515151513111336I wanna be singin' my...1515151515151513373839So I'm goin' away 6668840Mmm but not forever 888841894243I gotta love you anyway 6868668844Mmmmm8Forever8458946474849505152535455565758Change tuning (R)