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eBGDAE1Intro=1154423456Verse 1I give her all41247my love208that's all I do41249210and if you saw412411my love2012you'd love her022113too4I love22414her11516Verse 2She gives me41217everything42018and tenderly412419220the kiss my41221lover brings42022she brings to022123me4and I love22424her12526BridgeA love like ours11102728could never die40102930as long as I401031have you1032near me143334Verse 3bright are the stars412435that shine2036dark is the sky412437238I know this41239love of mine42040will never022141die4and I love22442her14344Guitar Solo45464748495051525354Verse 4bright are the stars023055that shine3156dark is the sky023057358I know this02359love of mine03160will never133261die0and I love33062her26364Ending65666768697071Change tuning (R)
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