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eBGDAE1Intro TAB by JPGR=9544234It was315Verse 1twenty years ago 33333today13Sergeant316Pepper taught the3333 band to play313 They've been317going in & out33333of1style3but they're318guaranteed to raise33333a smile13So39may I55introduce535to you35the510act you've known for all these years6868666811Sergeant66Pepper's66Lonely Hearts666Club6 Band -----------------------61266813Lead Break14151617We're318ChorusSergeant33Pepper's33Lonely Hearts33319Club3Band3We320Hope you33 will enjoy ----3333the show332122Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts333333323Club3Band3sit324back &55let the55eve -5ning go.572526Sergeant Pepper's Lonely333333Ser -327geant Pepper's Lonely33333 Ser -328geant Pepper's Lonely33333 Hearts329Club3 Band3It's330Bridgewonderful to5555be5here,5it's531certainly a4444thrill.4You're432such a55lovely55audience we'd555533like to22take you22 home with22 us we'd2234 love to22take you home.222I don't3335Verse 2really want to stop33333 the show13but I3136thought you might like3333 3 to know13 That the3137singer's gonna sing33333 a song1 3and he3138wants you all to sing33333 along13So339may I55introduce535to you35the540one & only6868Billy Shears666841Sergeant66Pepper's66Lonely Hearts666Club6 Band -----------------------6426684344
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