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eBGDAE1Intro=135You're gonna101442lose that girl2103You're gonna0204lose that425girl206Verse 1If you don't take her101007out tonight she's gonna4044448change her mind204910and I will take her0000011out tonight and I will40444412treat her kind20413You're gonna10114Choruslose that girl21015You're gonna02016lose that4217girl2018Verse 2If you don't treat her1010019right my friend you're gonna40444420find her gone2042122'cos I will treat her0000023right and then you'll be40444424the lonely one20425You're gonna10126Choruslose that girl21027You're gonna02028lose that4229girl20You're gonna02030lose5ooh ooh ooh7453132BridgeI'll make a point of3434033taking her away from you10101003435Yeah4036The way you treat her3434437what else can I do?111023839Guitar Solo40414243444546You're gonna10147Choruslose that girl21048You're gonna02049lose that4250girl20You're gonna02051lose5ooh ooh ooh7455253BridgeI'll make a point of3434054taking her away from you10101005556Yeah4057The way you treat her3434458what else can I do?111025960Verse 3If you don't take her1010061out tonight she's gonna40444462change her mind2046364and I will take her0000065out tonight and I will40444466treat her kind20467You're gonna10168Choruslose that girl21069You're gonna02070lose that4271girl20You're gonna02072lose5ooh ooh ooh74573that574girl547576Change tuning (R)
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