eBGDAE1INTRO=122442345678910VERSE IYou hold on25211to love that's gone2555full12Run a mile975full13to see him smile2520full14But you don't know9975full15he's door to door2520full16Playin' you975full17for the fool520full18CHORUS19Let him go975full2021walk out the door9975full2223And come to me2557full24(e)225I'm gonna set you2225526BRIDGEfree952728293031323334VERSE IINow you know55235there you go555full36Back to him975full37he's gonna do you in222520full38Tear you down7full75full39and run you round27full75full240Treat you wrong7full75full41and then he's gone2557full42CHORUS243Let him go975full4445walk out the door9975full4647And come to me2557full48(e)249I'm gonna set you2225550SOLOfree955152535455565758VERSE IYou hold on25259to love that's gone2555full60Run a mile975full61to see him smile2520full62But you don't know9975full63he's door to door2520full64Playin' you975full65for the fool520full66SPECIAL CHORUS67Let him go975full6869walk out the door9975full7071And come to me2557full72(e)273I'm gonna set you2225574OUTROfree9575I set you25576free9277I set you25578free9279I set you free895280I set you free895281I set you free_______89582928384
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