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eBGDAE1Intro=75682345678=679=7510Intro 211121314151617181920212223242526Verse 1No More4427blame, I'm destined to 45425428keep you429sane, gotta rescue the445425530flamegotta5731rescue the flame in your 875425432heart23334No More4(5)4(5)35blood I will be there for4(5)4(5)5(7)4(5)2(4)5(7)36you my4(5)4(5)37love i will stand by your 4(5)4(5)5(7)4(5)2(4)0(2)38side5(2) the539world has forsaken my87525740girl524142Bridge 1Should've seen it would be this way 9(10)11(12)12(14)11(12)9(10)7(9)435(7)4(5)44Should've known from the start what she's up to9(10)11(12)12(14)11(12)9(10)7(9)455(7)4(5)2(4)7(7)46When you've loved and you've lost…9(10)11(12)12(14)11(12)9(10)7(9)…someone475(7)4(5)2(4)You know what it feels like to lose24842042024950she's…2…fading away51Chorus8754away from this world252875553drifting like a feather7778753she's…5…not like the other girls54442454she lives in the clouds2558754and talks to the birds256875557hopeless little one77787558she's not like the other girls i know442454559460Intro 2 Again61626364Verse 2No More4(5)4(5)65shame she has felt too much4(5)4542566pain in her life in her 40(2)2(4)4(5)0(2)2(4)67mind she's repeating the words4(5)0(2)2(4)4(5)2(4)5(7)5(7)68all the love you put out will return to you57698754257770527172Bridge 2Should've seen it would be this way 9(10)11(12)12(14)11(12)9(10)7(9)735(7)4(5)74Should've known from the start what she's up to9(10)11(12)12(14)11(12)9(10)7(9)755(7)4(5)2(4)7(7)76When you've loved and you've lost…9(10)11(12)12(14)11(12)9(10)7(9)…someone close to775(7)4(5)204You know what it feels like to lose278420420279know what it feels like to lose310202480she's fading away281Chorus 28754away from this world2828755(7)83drifting like a feather(7)7(5)778753she's not like the other girls584442454she lives in the clouds2858754and…2…talks to the birds868755(7)87hopeless little one(7)7(5)7787588she's not like the other girls i know44245458949091Solo9293949596979899100101102103104105106107108109110111112Back vocals on misc. line113114She's fading away,4115Chorus 38754away…2…from this world1168755117drifting like a feather7778753she's not like the other girls5118442454she…2…lives in the clouds1198754and talks to the birds21208755(7)121hopeless little one(7)7(5)77875122she's not like the other girls i know44245451234124125Outro=66126127128129=55130131=30132=75133134Change tuning (R)
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