Standard (EADGBE)



Verse 1

Here on Fibber Island.

We strum rubber guitars.

Our friends live on Mars.

And we sew Buttons on our cars.

Here on Fibber Island.

Our house is made of pie

Our dog is two miles wide.

And all he talks about is pie.

Chorus 1

Durring choruses just keep playing the highE:

Here on Fibber Island.

We swim on the ground

Wheels are square, not round

We eat chocolate by the pound.

Verse 2

Here on Fibber Island

No one sings along

We just ride Giraffes

And wear bicycles for hats

To get to Fibber Island

You just close your eyes

Start fibbing in your mind

And see what you can find


Here on Fibber Island

We hide mittens in our hair

You might need to stare

To see the mitters in our hair

Verse 3

( Quiet )

Come to Fibber Island

And strum rubber guitars

Meet our friends from Mars

And sew buttons on our cars

( Song stops and begins again )