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eBGDAE1Intro=9044234152Your Love Oh Lord206Verse020027Reaches to the heavens111002082002090And Your Righteousness201020200202110Stretches to the sky02200122013And Your…03…faithfulness1403020115Is like the mighty mountain30331316020Yeah02173202And Your justice…220…flows180202022319Like the ocean's tide20200330202021And I will lift my voice0020001322Chorus3To worship You my king20123020200002425And I will find my strength002000132613In the shadows of Your wings2012730202022028102029120302And oh yeah, yeah04202020031Guitar Solo0232333435363738And I will lift my 0020001339ChorusVoice0203To worship…30…You my king4011130004142And I will find my strength00200023433In the shadows2014430Of Your wings2022020450102461And I will lift my voice0303313347248Your love oh Lord2049Outro2002002050Reaches to the heavens11100205102000052And You…020…faithfulness5320020022025420Stretches to the skies02200552056
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