eBGDAE1=1104421,2,3344Since I was a lit-tle__ kid__331010335I tried to get out of my11313106head0Trapped on the play-31037-ground, I would stare at the 1111318sky39I did-n't e-ven know31313110why3But dai-ly 103life111I took and e-vil shape31103312some con _ form,_43113and some try to es-cape 33333314_And those are the mis1030115-fits that I've known103316Like a sock in the eye33431117they feel it to the bone33033318It's a joke33019that we all __ know3330020We're the bait33321In a hor-ror131322show12324Yeah, we are__ all al-one031031125In a hor-ror131326show127282930Ban-ish me and mine to out-er space3310103331I'd shoot there in a113131332sec-cond00just for the breath-ing3310333space. I'd put the punks on the11113134moon3for head -3135room.1Mods rule the gal - ax -3131336y.1That's the way03137I think _ things should be.3103338The creep in you443139is the creep in ___ me3333340When grav - i - ty1030141press - es down like a lie,11030342we want wild __ sex3431143but we don't want to die30333344Do you feel330453there's no-where to go?3330046We're the bait 33347in a hor - ror414448show449And we're4450all4a - lone1151in a hor-ror443152show___________31345354Yeah,3we are __ all a-lone6431445541in a hor-ror414156show4575859Ooh360if I spoke in words of on -ly3434343461hate3tell me, would you414162now,4yeah463could you re -late? ___11306465666768And369I,3I wish I met Lou ____3131370Reed1let ring71out4on472his dark-ened sea1443732'cause I felt it when4431474his blood would flow1441753It does-n't take a3434376thou - sand years to know4444377that ship burned33378a long time a - go4441379We're all a - lone444480in a hor - ror4144812482Slowshow444838485We're186all________________187a - lone188089We're390all_________1313191a -392lone193in a hor - ror show1113394030951Yeah______________3960309719899100101102103104105106107108