We’ve got the fire, who’s got the matches?

Take a look around at the sea of masks

And come one, come all, welcome to the Grand Ball,

Where the strong run for cover,

And the weak stand tall

I’m not one to scatter ashes,

But there’s some things that’ll,

Melt the plastic

Try and dig down deeper, if you can..

I’m not afraid, I’m not ashamed,

I’m not to blame,

Welcome to the masquerade

I’m not ashamed, I’m not afraid,

I’m not OK,

Welcome to the masquerade

We’ve got the power,

Who’s got the action?

Break it down till there’s nothin’

But a mere fraction

Out of the fire,

Rise from the ashes,

Re-ject ..ya doubt,

And ..re-lease the passion

Let’s get on it,

Believe, if you want it,

Step into the realm,

Where the real one’s flaunt it

Come, back, re-wind,

Another time on it,

Reach out, take that,

One off, step on it