Standard (EADGBE)


Chords used:


---- x3

Verse 1

I always knew that you'd

come back to get me

And you always knew

that it wouldn't be easy

To go back to the start

to see where it all began

Or end up at the bottom

to watch how it all ends


You tried to lie and

say I was everything

I remember when I said

"I'm nothing without you"

I'm nothing without you


Somehow I found a way

to get lost in you

Let me inside

Let me get close to you

Change your mind

I'll get lost if

you want me to

Somehow I found a

way to get lost in you


Verse 2

You always thought

that I left myself open

But you didn't know

I was already broken

I told myself that

it wouldn't be so bad

But pulling away it

took everything I had

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)


In you


The pain of it

all the rise and the fall

I see it all in you

Now everyday I find myself say

"I want to get lost in you"

I'm nothing without you


D--A-- x2, D--F#m, E--

(Repeat Chorus)